THE FARM story

THE FARM ON GOLDEN HILL is a six generation historic family farm located in Silverton, Oregon. The Farm is home to our favorite memories and has shaped who we are. It provides the setting for our growing family to come together, laugh and celebrate the joys that life has brought us. Life on the farm is special and we hope that when you visit, you experience that feeling.

It is so important to us that our guests know our story and the history of the farm. In every detail, there is a piece of who we are as a family. The old milk- house where we pressed apples for apple cider each fall, the upstairs of the barn where we learned to love the game of basketball, the grazing meadow where we would spend hours digging in the dirt and pretending to be cowboys. What you see as a rustic and charming farm is really the home where our childhoods are rooted.

We are a sister duo who love to breathe fresh life into old things. The Farm may be our biggest project yet, but we know potential when we see it! We’ve been swooning over it’s imperfect beauty for years and now we finally get to share it with the world!

We hosted our first wedding at The Farm ten years ago. We were able to take a blank canvas and create a masterpiece. A field of flowers, an aisle lined of birch trees, hand sewn floral napkins, mason jars overflowing with wine….every detail was dreamy. The evening was filled with joy, laughter and lots of dancing under the stars. Our favorite part of the entire day was that we were able to share those moments with the people we love most.

That’s exactly what we want for our clients! An unforgettable experience, in a picturesque location, surrounded by awesome people.